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and followed by mr. snider and we'll take questions after that and today the supreme court obviously gave us a decision, and we're not necessarily pleased with the outcome. this is a background, we started this five years ago to this day. matt died on march 3rd, 2006, and here we are almost five years later to the date and getting a decision from the supreme court. there is a list of names behind me on the courthouse and matthew's name is one of the names. and those are our american heros. they died for our country, for our right to be out here speaking and as you know and heard us say before, we don't believe they died for someone's right to harass someone at a funeral. nonetheless, the supreme court made it's edition and their decision is fine a. i'm very proud of mr. snider for taking on this case. it's been a long, long five years and he's been through a lot. and my heart goes out to him each and every day, each and every time i think about this. when i read that opinion today, just going over the facts of the case again today, it was breaking my heart just to read the opinion describing
should not be used. the man plead guilty, based on the results from that machine and was ordered to serve six consecutive weekends in jail. on july 7th, 2010, d.c. police arrested a man in the district on suspicion of dwi. he was tested on an intoxy meeter with the serial number 010845. court records show he plead guilty on december 7th of the same year. according to the office of the chief manage examiner, that machine was not approved by use for a 3-month period and including the date of the man's arrest. and in others a -- another case, a 19-year-old girl was test on the same machine and with the same serial number showed the chief toxicologists said the results shouldn't be used for a 3-month period, including the date of the girl's arrest. >> i have a difficult time understanding this and the issues that have come up in terms of the failure to disclose, their failure to be above board on all of these issues, i have a difficult time understanding why they think that is okay. it's clearly not okay. >> reporter: defense attor
concerning your travel expenditures, and requested the very same documentation we used in our investigation. but brown writes the information has not been provided to me which he finds disrespectful. >> and we're going to be, put forth some of the same questions in the story and asked for answers and we will have the questions here. we'll be questioned about all the issues. >> reporter: chairman brown knows a think this or two about upsetting taxpayers after his own recent problems was driving high-priced city vehicles. >> there are going to be taxpayers saying why is kwame brown, after the trouble he's been through this week, going to be the guy in charge of looking at how the money is being spent? >> i mean, one, the trucks are back and have been returned. two, i said i would compensate for the time that i used the vehicles, meaning there is no taxpayers' dollars and no current money will be spent further and we're moving on. i think that is how you take responsibility. you own up and make sure it goes back, you know, you don't throw anyone under the bus and take full responsibility. >> a
. >> reporter: the top u.s. energy official meanwhile, steven shoe, expressed frustration with the information coming from japanese officials. >> events unfeeling in japan incident appears to be more serious than three-mile island. to what extent, we don't know now and as they're unfolding rapidly on an hour-by-hour, day- by-day basis and there are conflicting reports, so we don't know what is happening. >> reporter: at the white house, questions surveyed about the japanese government's honesty in dealing with the crisis and who americans should listen to. >> when there is a situation when our advice on what to do in reaction to this incident to protect your physical safety, if first from the advice the government of japan is giving, we'll give separate and additional advice to american citizens in japan. >> reporter: millions are struggling still with no electricity, little food, water or heat and in frigid temperatures, rescuers are trying to find survivors five days later, followed by a tsunamina thaswallowed entire towns, survivors are being found. >> chances of survival are small but we'r
u.s. military power in libya? >> reporter: the heavy fighting are reported in benzhada and another. forced rebels to retreat after suffering heavy losses and while the rebels appear today to have lost momentum that has not flood coalition fores as they keep up their attacks. looking more like a road race than a retreat, they fled from sirte after government troops forced them back and while hand- picked groups can still be seen waving as poachers and shouting his name, the reality is that ghadafi's grip on power is weakening. a one-two punch with the tomahawk missiles and airstrikes continuing to hit the trooping and ammunition stockpile and nato allies are talking about non-military ways to keep up the pressure. >> and this includes a unified front of political and diplomatic pressure making it clear to him he must go. >> reporter: in his speech monday, president obama made it clear while he wants ghadafi gone, he will not order the u.s. forces to target him directly. >> reporter: they include a regime change and that would be a mistake. >> reporter: while u.s. efforts may result
for gay marriage as written as the senate has passed it? she told us she made up her mind but didn't tell us which way. everything is up in the air. could be a key committee vote in a few hours >> what is your feeling on this? primarily constituent pressure or is there something else here? >> reporter: huge constituent pressure and she says some of her own religious beliefs. prince george's county is a predominantly african-american county, one of the few suburban counties in the united states. many of the ministers don't want gay marriage legalized in maryland. some of them say they might settle for civil union legislation but think the word "marriage" should apply only to the traditional heterosexual couples. only five states in the u.s. legalized gay marriage plus dc, maryland would be the next state, the sixth. >> john henrehan, thank you. >>> meantime dc is celebrating one year of marriage quality. today marks the first anniversary of gay and lesbian couples being able to legally marry in the district. this morning the mayor gray and other community leaders acknowledged the occasion
to have to sit here and ask these questions because you haven't given us responses. that is what is the most painful part of this. it's our job to ask the question and get the information and for someone to accept some sort of responsibility. >> udcs board of trustees did promise to have that internal audit finished by the end of the month, and shawn, they did motion if they do find that there may have been inappropriate travel, they do expect to ask president sessums to pay back some of that meany if they find that that is necessary and that something went wrong. >> at this point, it's up to the board what happens to sessum, right? >> very much so. the board is ultimately responsible for hiring them and they're responsible for his fate. that being said, the chairman said something interesting today saying there are seven voluntary members of the board, she one of the members and for two years, udc has been waiting for the mayor to appoint eight vacant seats and said they're overwhelmed. >> i understand that something else came up. city council confirmed something, they were unha
in their 60s. a neighbor tells fox5 they are iranian nationals who are permanent residents of the u.s. the couple left for iran several weeks ago for the end engagement of one of their two daughters. investigators say they have been in touch with the owners who say they have no idea who would want to harm them or their property. they reported no recent threats or trouble of any kind. >> until we know what it is i will be a little bit nervous about what is going on here. >> reporter: this is where the bomb went off. plywood now covers the window. we are told that it is actually is the window that would ajoin a sitting room at the very front of the house. again, they are saying that the captured a lot of this on surveillance camera but stopped short of saying they actually captured the person placing the bomb on the window sile. the damage is fairly significant. we are told it is 25,000 to 50,000 dollars worth of damage here, sean. >> thank goodness no one got hurt. paul wagner, thanks. >> the reward is growing tonight in a bethesda murder mystery and also growing the memorial outside t
is unclear. the police didn't give us a hint that they were on to a suspect. we didn't know that until we were handed the statement a couple of minutes ago and we were told there would be some information and thought it would be the ballistics comparison that the two cases were connected and we had hints they were connected for a couple of days now, but nothing definitive until just now when we got the saint from chief tom manger. the cases are connected, suspects in custody and don't know why they were murdered at this point. the chief is promising more information at 6:30 tonight. >> and we're working this and trying to get more information. do you know is mr. gadera, the man who came to the country, if he ever attended the same muslim community center as the other financial victim? >> reporter: he did not -- community center as the other victim? >> reporter: he did not. he was a buddhist and didn't attend the community center. that is a part of this that doesn't make sense to us either. >> hopefully this will be made clear after 6 tonight. thank you, paul. >> all right. >> reporter: b
a shell casing. >> our employee has been working for us since 2008, and it's tragic that he was killed on delivery and we ask anyone with information come forward to the police and help us with it. >> reporter: jesse dan, regional manager for dominoes, said that the driver was following company policy when he left the central avenue store to make the delivery. >> the information is he had $13 on them and he was a diligent employee, as far as safety and security, and he was making his drops all throughout the day and had been working since noon. >> out of respect, dan said the store will remain closed until further notice. >> it's a sad day for dominoes. >> reporter: tommy davenport drives for dominoes in the district and came here to hope to comfort some of the other employees. >> drivers for dominoes team washington are not allowed to carry anymore than $20 in their pocket, enough to make change for $20 and that is what we carry. >> in the neighborhood where the driver was shot, some found the news hard to believe. >> and that is and people get delivers here and -- when i am home. hav
together. the u.s. marshal service has this man in custody in new haven, connecticut. there was a warrant for his arrest. that's very important. somebody feels they have enough evidence to charge this man for a series of rapes. >> more tonight at 6:00, 10:00, and 11:00. paul wagner, thank you. now to a battle brewing at a local hospital. nurses walked off the job and on to the picket line. at issue, these nurses claim staffing problems are putting patients at risk, but the hospital says there's no safety problem at all. this is all about money. beth parker is live in northwest outside the hospital. beth. >> reporter: laura, this picket line has been going strong since this morning. take a look over my shoulder. people have been driving by. they have been beeping their horns, but the hospital says that at least half of the nurses of this 7:00 a.m. shift cross this picket line and came to work. pounding home their message. nurses who are used to spending many hours on their feet spent this day walking the picket line. the nurses say since staffing is putting patients at risk. >> what we
, roz? >> reporter: the pictures are surreal, hard for us to imagine. the area of devastation said to be nearly 200 miles long, 50 miles wide and the shaking may not be over yet. this is the scene inside the office building as the quake first struck before 3:00 p.m. along japan's northeastern coast. the massive quake, 8.9, set off a fury. fires. this one at a refinery outside of tokyo burned out of control, buildings collapsed trapping people beneath the rubble. chaos erupting in the streets as people ran for safety as dozens of after shocks, some greater than 6.0, followed the initial shake, one of the biggest quakes in modern history. >> it is gargantuan earthquake by modern standards. the rupture length was 180 miles. >> reporter: the powerful quake unleashed a powerful tsunami, a wall of water that swept up cars and homes as if they were toys. the floods pushed way over acres of land and authorities report they lost track of one train and a ship in that area and it may take awhile for emergency workers to reach the hardest-hit areas and ass
are pretty excited. they have been asking us. we wish we had more details to tell them. they seem satisfied that, one week out, an arrest has been made. the fact that there was this $150,000 reward and the fact that there are two people involved and people talk. people knew and finally, just days later, we are on spied to reach out to call -- inspired to reach out to call police who made an arrest. we'll learn more. >> there has been a real sense of fear in that area. people sometimes staying away from the area because of this holdup, creeped out just being there. there must be a real sense of relief there. have you talked to some of the people who were frequenting that area? >> absolutely. that's a beautiful day. people have been out and about. you know, you can't miss it. the flowers, the paper on the windows, just knowing what happened here. it's very visible. you know, nobody is trying to hide it. so, yeah, i think people are going to be relieved to hear this. we just don't know the details of this. was this a random crime? did they perhaps know the victims? when we have the information
the same person that i was i used to be a track runner. no more. but i'm not going to run away from this. >> reporter: as brady's wife described the life they led before the shooting, james brady wiped several tears from his eyes. >> it's been a long, hard battle, hardest on this one right here, but he has done see beautifully, and we have learned to adjust to our lives. >> reporter: they went to capitol hill today to hopefully rally for a bill again to outlaw extended ammunition clips like the kind accused of the -- the man used to try to kill gabrielle giffords. they were joined by new jersey senator frank law 10burg and caroline mccarthy as they urged americans to get behind the bill. jim brady slashed his -- showed his trademark sense of humor when the wife handed him the microphone and said he knows what to say. >> i am glad for your confidence because i know i do not. i know i would not be sitting here in this damn wheelchair if we had common-sense legislation which we had at that time, but i did -- you can get around these things. >> repor
since 1997, at least three in virginia. thomas was arrested march 4th in new haven. >>> two u.s. naval pilots are safe tonight after their fighter jet crash landed in libya. plane went down on the fourth day of u.s. and allied military operations to enforce a no-fly zone. tom fitzgerald is in the news room. what happened to the jet? >> reporter: the plane did not come down as a result of fire. they said the aircraft suffered mechanical problems. this held outside of benghazi as the crew was caring out a strike mission against a libian missile site. one crew member was picked up by a marine corp search plane and the other was found by libian opposition forces and then returned safely to u.s. hands. elsewhere, coalition forces have pounded gadhafi's military with more than 24 tomahawk missile strikes and robert gates said it has helped stop gadhafi ground forces but the u.s. allies will soon be taking over the lead. >> it just seems logical that once we have the air defense systems sufficiently suppressed, that the level of military activity would decline. >> are you talking about u.s. m
. tensions are high for those trying to get in touch with loved ones. >> the phones were us abouty all the time and there was no way connect. we trade e-mail. >> reporter: desperation and devastation made worse by constant after shocks, triggering new fears of a massive earthquake. and hundreds of thousands of people are in shelters, but the situation there, too, is grim and there are reports that the shelters are running out of food and water. meanwhile, the u.s. energy department said it's in constant talks with the japanese counterparts hoping to avert a meltdown. >> a dire situation, thank you. >>> a maryland man living in japan felt the earthquake and is experiencing the aftermath of the disaster firsthand. kevin hoover from washington county is teacher in japan and fox 5s allison seymour spoke with him today via skype. >> reporter: he's a washington county man teaching in japan and thanks for joining us via skype right now. where are you exactly and how are you three days after the major earthquake and sue name? >> sure. i'm in the kamagawa prefecture, outside of yokahama, 30 min
and karen gray houston is following this one and joins us live from the wilson building. karen? >> reporter: there is a lot of cabin mouth intrigue involving suliman brown and said he has a story to tell and that he has the evidence to back yet up and this afternoon, we met with him outside of the chinatown office building where he said he had a meeting with the fbi and brown had told us previously that he had held on to envelopes slipped to him by vince gray's campaign chair lorraine green and howard brookes, envelopes he said contains large amount of cash and green denied that and we have not had phone calls returned from mr. brooks. he said they were sealed with fingerprint dna and he's been keeping them in plastic bags and no one would confirm that the fbi had offices there and those two gentlemen didn't speak to me or answer my questions. brown is talking to everybody and had a meeting on capitol hill yesterday and with some staff from the d.c. government oversight committee and brown is fuming. he was fired recently from his $110,000 accountant job in the d.c. department of healthcare
there is going to be felt by u.s. companies and investors. this senior fellow at the senior institute for international economics. uncertainty net energy sector is driving most of the market selloff. >> and that is what has everyone excited, both here and in japan. but the long-term effect is the power estimate. >> reporter: japanese manufacturers, including automakers are closing plants to save energy e. it's impossible for tech companies to get the components like microchips they depend on. ge, a major high-tech player, the designer of the nuclear reactors. since friday, its stock lost more than $10 billion in market value. tuesday's u.s. stock slump was not unexpected and if history holds true, from will be a rebound. >> you get the days and rebuilding and the japanese are very good at rebuilding. they are a very organized society. we will see a bounce back of the industrial production and even exports, you know, after a couple of months would be my guess. so, i'm on the optimistic side. >> reporter: and one small upside, oil stocks took a dive today, falling to $this afternoon a b
for us. >>> if the snow doesn't keep you from the chely blossoms, don't forget to take your camera. you shoot them, we'll do our best to air them. >>> developing news from prince georges county. council member leslie johnson has been formally charged with witness and evidence tampering. the federal prosecutors filed the charges today. johnson's husband, former prince georges county executive jack johnson is indicted on bribery and extortion charges and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. and sentencing in a crash today that tore a family a part and four children lost her mother. the judge hit the driver with a 20-year prison sentence. unusually long for a manslaughter case. john henrehan is in our newsroom now. did the judge explain why he came down hard? >> reporter: he explained at length and came down to prior conduct. the defendant was arrested again and again similar charges. this time, however, he killed someone. the crash happened on alabama avenue in southeast washington last april. a mother and her four children were riding in this toyota camry when, according to witne
a broken escalator or safety hazard, we want to know about it. send us a picture or e-mail at fox5metro@gmail.com. >>> money slipped in envelopes, pay-to-play for government jobs. the fbi is looking into accusations made my bye fired district employees suliman brown and d.c. mayor vince gray hired a prominent lawyer. karen gray houston has more. >> reporter: some people thought, laura, when a top government official hires a personal attorney is that the official is in deep trouble and which is the case during the monica lewinsky affair and when president bill clinton hired robert bennett and vincent gray is using the same lawyer to deal with accusations being made by brown. the mayor is taking a no- nonsense approach error error from the crisis. focused enough to hire a top gun, robert bennett, most recently worked for the district pro bono and investigating marion barry for steering aonact to a former gif i want to make sure that we have someone to defer the issues to and for me to talk to during the whole process as well. >> reporter: the matter took on added gravity since the fbi was
to the grips of the death of 18- year-old gary gordon f. what students are telling us, he liked to may basketball. he played on junior varsity team. police are saying they are still looking for the suspect who provided the gun and who apparently tried to cover up for the 15-year-old. once classes let out at anacostia high school, students were still expressing shock that 18-year-old gary gordon was dead and that a 15-year-old student here was charged with the crime. >> it's crazy because everybody is telling me that he was a quiet kid and he didn't mess with nobody. >> reporter: testimony in juvenile court told an unbelievable story about what went down on sunday at the apartment on stanton road. police detectives said one witness who was inside the apartment that day said he heard the girl say she shot the boy accidentally. there were several people in the bedroom and that the 15- year-old girl picked up a gun, removed the magazine, pointed the gun at the victim and squeezed the trigger, not realizing the gun was loaded. >> i was scared out of my mind. i would be so scared. >> to be w
yards away from where my family lives. >> reporter: using a google source, investigators were able to share information that helped create a short list of possible suspects. then a big push. a website and a week ago today billboards went live. >> ultimately, the billboard and media campaign led to a tip that cracked the case. as we have said before, the public is our greatest resource. >> reporter: investigators followed thomas at a connecticut courthouse. when he tossed out a cigarette butt, they retrieved it. >> i said did you hear they think they caught the east coast rapist? >> reporter: cracking the case lined up before the cameras. >> it's a great day. i'm still overwhelmed. >> it's one of those moments where it's nice to go back and say this person is someone you no longer have to worry about. >> reporter: thomas has worked as a truck driver. he grew up in virginia where some of the crimes happened. 12 cases linked by dna. at least five more with a similar mo. investigators still want to hear from anyone who may be a potential victim of thomas or just anybody who knows somet
there. spring has sprung and it brought us showers and thunderstorms and i'm sure most of you that are listening to this broadcast were rocked out of bed this morning with those thunderstorms moving on across. and we do at least have the potential of some more. we'll start and show what you is going on with radar out here and into the west. we have it on a loop of one hour to show you, this is beginning to come out of west virginia and into western sections of virginia, right along i-81. front royal, in a little while, you'll probably get clipped with some showers and maybe even hear some thunder out there too. and then we've been watching this one shower kind of try to pop up. this is scooting right across southern sections of culpeper county right now. nothing in the district as of yet. but at least we're going to include the chance that later on, right on through the evening hours, probably 8:00, 9:00, we may see a few showers popping up. a couple of thunderstorms wouldn't surprise me either. we don't think any of this will become severe. check out the temperatures though,
used some system, he didn't get clearance. >> two aircraft, an american airlines flight from miami and a united flight from chicago both landed without any guidance. >> that was a close call. >> the faa has now suspended the lone flight control supervisor on duty in the reagan control tower who is suspected of falling asleep. >> it's not right to have the capital airport and no one home. >> bill voss is the president of the flight safety foundation. he says fatigue among pilots and crew has long been a major safety concern. >> we have to deal with fatigue in a straightforward manner. we've really taken that on in the cockpit. it's time to deal with it in air-traffic control as well. >> faa administrator randy babbitt put out a statement saying, "i am determined to get to the bottom of the situation for the safety of the traveling public. as former airline pilot i am personally outraged this controller did not meet his responsibility to help land these two airplanes. but keith, who was one of the 165 people on board the two planes that landed without guidance says somebody at the fa
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24